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Psych Biz Talks Online is all about businesses, educational, tutorials, research writing, passions and love of wisdom. It offers tutorials in statistics, psychology reviews, small business strategies and research-related works.

I would like you to explore my website to know more about many things that interests you either be in business, educational topics and so on. You can write your comments on my posts regarding your opinions and suggestions on the topics that you have read.

Enjoy reading my blogs!

~ Vella Albay2019~

I Coach..

I help professionals and students on their career life. Extending my expertise in research, assessment and evaluation of measurements in education and psychology field

I Speak.

People staring at their laptops during presentations or they invite me to speak on the different topics. I can be your speakers for team-building and leadership seminars, group processes, statistical analysis, and research – related topics.

I Write…

I have been a freelance writer two years ago. I write poems, essays, researches and articles in psychology. I write experiences on travels, life journeys, and other Filipino life-changing stories.

I Blog….

Every day I sit down and write something that will challenge or encourage you. Inspirational messages to people as I experienced each day. I am inviting you to read all my blogs.

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