The Five D’s of SUCCESS

In the year 2001, my graduation day in high school was the most remarkable day to me. The school principal gave her inspirational message to us graduates. Her speech was not that too long. She just delivered it with at least twenty minutes in front of us. Even if it was not that long, her words remained and was internalized in my mind and heart. In her speech, she mentioned the five big letter D’s of success. I have to share it with you so that it may also help you motivated to push through in moving forward to your career.

These words lingered in my heart and minds until now. I do believed that it would help you face many challenges in life no matter how difficult they are.

#1 – DREAM

First, fashion a DREAM and have that burning desire to achieve it.

  • A DREAM with Sacrifice.
  • You need virtues that lead you to your path of success and follow that DREAM.
  • Hard work, discipline are one of those virtues.


Second, you must have the DETERMINATION to succeed.

  • In everything that you do, in every decision that you make, be firm and determined to that.
  • You are determined to achieved it by showing hard work and diligence.
  • The fashion of being firm, confident and decisive in everything.


The third one is DISCIPLINE.

  • Your Alma Mater, taught you and molded you to be a disciplined individual.
  • Take this and practice wherever you go.
  • Through this discipline, we could be able to help our country.


Fourth, you must have this DEDICATION

  • it means your consistency following up that DREAM of yours.
  • your burning desire to move, to be satisfied on what path you take


And lastly, don’t forget to seek DIVINE PROVIDENCE… the most important of all, is GOD. the Provider of all things. He will guide you, and crown your efforts with success..

A very remarkable message from her. Thank you so much for reading

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