My Philosophical Self

Understanding ourselves is not an easy task. We need to go through a subjective analysis of ourselves. The experiences we go through, the lessons we have learned both in our work and personal lives, shape who we are today at present. For someone to have the ability to understand others and to be an effective agent-of-change, it is important that he or she must first have some level of self-awareness. Most of us walk around with a skewed perception of reality. We assume we have a good idea of what people think about us. We assume that our own motives are always good and we can justify our behavior. The practice of getting to know one’s self is a challenging and ongoing action. It requires communication that is open and honest with others. It requires time and effort. Perhaps most importantly, it requires humility because what our ego wants us to believe about who we are and who we actually are may be completely different.

Getting to know myself was a continuous process. It is a process in the sense that I went through many milestones in my life. From the beginning when I was now conscious about myself physically, emotionally and psychologically until now. I was then a studious student, a consistent scholar, known to be intelligent and smart in the eyes of my professors, classmates and friends. I kept on diverting my mind from that incident until one day, my mentor asked me to tell those unforgettable moments that I have. And I did, I did told her with my classmates and friends. That was the time I felt angry, I cried, I cried out loud and burst it out those pains I kept on my unconscious self. At that moment, I smoothly accept the reality. And God forgave me. From the time I have accepted what had happened to me, the most unforgettable experience I told myself to forgive no matter how painful to me. At that moment of my life, I came to realized I have still a forgiving heart because I believed that God would be the one responsible for that person who did that to me. Revenge is not mine, it’s HIM. What had happened to me gave me the strength, the determination and the confidence to face the succeeding challenges in my life. I never lose hope. I never used that event to lessen my self-esteem. Rather, I became more esteemed, independent and confident enough to make myself comfortable and be successful.

My life is such a bundle of surprises. I never expect this kind of life that I have right now. My marriage life is not as happy as those with my friends. I could say the imperfect one. But no matter how difficult the situation, I can still manage myself to push through my career. I kept on reminding myself to persevere and strong enough to hold onto life for my kids. Six years later, I am now satisfied with my career. I have many deadlines to meet, projects and reports to submit, budgets to maintain but at the end of the day I have to recognize what is truly most important in life. For me it is my family. I am blessed to have a husband and three kids. Juggling a busy schedule is not easy for any of us but it is important to take a step back from the daily grind and enjoy the moments we share with our loved ones. In my opinion, great person will make the effort to spend quality time with their family and do what they can to support them. By getting away from the office and spending some good time with our family, we come back recharged and more effective.

With those experiences that I have, it is greatly influenced me who I am today. I AM WHAT I AM today as a reflection of those many life events in my life. My philosophical self continuously emerged and I became to be stronger person, persevering and determined. I became to be more humble, open-minded and approachable. I became to be a good teacher to my students and to my kids. I have learned to understand others, counsel them and be an inspirational to them. I have learned to show them the good things that I have. With that, I want myself to be a person unforgettable to others. Life is what we make it, how we make the most of it.

To sum it up, we also need to find time for self-reflection. The hectic lives that we live requires us to have some quiet time to decompress and recharge. Lastly, we need not lose sight of the importance of family. Caring for our loved ones is the ultimate characteristic of a person.

Thanks for reading this piece. I hope and I wish that this shared experiences and philosophies of mine would touch someone’s heart. God bless.

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