Hi, there! This is Vel – you’re in my blog site! Thanks for visiting me here. I am a mother of three lovely kids and a working mom in a university. Every day I write everything. Everything about love, family, parenting, business, research, and other inspirational experiences that may encourage you. Writing is my means of reaching out to people who is in one way or another has experiences that sometimes made them feel depressed, stressed out and feels all alone and lonely.

“You don’t have to see the whole STAIRCASE, just take the first STEP”

Blogging is a way of expressing whatever it is in my thoughts about politics and government, ethical behaviors, lessons in life that was learned from a day-to-day activities. In this way, it helps me vent up everything to lessen whatever tensions and stress. One way of managing myself to be a healthy person.

Sometimes, I promote products and services, too. You may love them and/ or interested to these products. Just click the link and explore. You may purchase them, don’t worry this is a legit site.

Welcome to my pages! Hoping that you have enjoyed reading and learned from it. Don’t forget to leave your comments in every post that you read. This would help me to enlighten and to know other’s opinions, too.

God bless you all..


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